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Unified Toolkit is more than just a way to build a websites with blocks. It's a framework with no restraints. Design it, Add blocks.. Customize it.

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A Toolkit to Design, Build & Sell WordPress Websites

FSE Theme

One of the amazing developments in the world of WordPress in recent years was the advent of Full-site Editing and blocks. Use our unique FSE theme starting today!

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We are building a series of Unified Plugins that become part of the 'toolkit'. We've built these for our agency to use in client projects and now we're sharing them with you through Unified Toolkit!

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Unified Help

While outstanding support should always be assumed, we believe we have the best support on the planet.. so THIS is a feature. :)

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Born from Unified Web Design Services

This toolkit and system was designed and developed by the team at Unified Web Design, LLC.  We build custom FSE WordPress themes and websites for clients.  And we created this toolkit to do just that!

And we love helping the freelance and agency community.  We have a number of great agency partners.  We have a great network of friends that are freelancers or run agencies.  And we spend a LOT of time, daily, creating content to help others delivering services to clients.

So I thought, why not package this up and provide it to all our friends and the community we love!

Years of Experience & Forged in the Trenches

What makes the Unified Toolkit unique is that it wasn’t just dreamed up and built based on arbitrary ideas.  How we developed our themes and suite of plugins is based on our experience and how we like to build websites for our own clients.  So it’s grounded in experience and built by a team of highly skilled and talented web designers and developers – decades of experience went into this framework and the underlying code.

So if you are looking for a great framework to use to sell WordPress sites, look no further.  Leverage what we’ve done here and build great things for your clients!



This is not only a tool, but the foundation for any WordPress FSE Block Theme we build from scratch.


One of the amazing developments in the world of WordPress in my opinion is the advent of Full-site Editing and blocks. You’ll be getting the very Theme Boilerplate we use to create custom WordPress themes for our clients at Unified Web Design!

This theme was built from the ground up to include everything you’ll need to build awesome sites with blocks. Honestly, it’s pretty light-weight. The blocks do most of the heavy lifting with this model!

When you install you will see sample content on the front page. So you aren’t starting from scratch. Modify them, delete them.. add your own blocks, blocks from other 3rd party plugins, patterns from the WordPress library OR better yet, install our plugin “Unified Blocks” which is included and enjoy even more pre-built blocks!

These plugins are first designed as a framework to use with our FSE block theme. But they can be used with any theme!


We are building a series of Unified Plugins that become part of the ‘toolkit’. We’ve built these for our agency to use in client projects and now we’re sharing them with you through Unified Toolkit!

Unified Email Capture

List building is critical for every business. We’ve built a plugin that’s design FOR BLOCKS and supports the popular services MailChimp, aWeber and GetResponse. Learn more here.

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Unified Blocks

No block theme is complete without blocks. What makes our block plugin unique is that it’s designed to be used in our toolkit to design and build out custom themes. Each block serves a specific function or purpose in sites we build.

Learn More about This Plugin at:

Unified Tweaks

We’ve had so much fun building this plugin! It fills the gaps, helps with security, performance AND includes quality of life improvements. We’re already using it in-house.. it will be released here this year!

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This is only the beginning!


We’ll be providing more content and help for freelancers and agencies to get the most out of this toolkit.

This is what we have planned in 2023:

  1. Design Assets – Design First and User Our Toolkit to Build Your Client’s Sites!
  2. Training – via Free Content and Courses
  3. More Features! We’ll continue to develop the theme and plugins you get with this toolkit.

This is only the beginning. There may be some additional premium content (eg, Premium Courses), but there’s also a lot more that will be added to the Unified Toolkit you get on this page.

So stay tuned!

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