How to Get Started!

The Phoenix theme guide is below. Each of our plugins have their own websites and documentation pages! The links are below.

Quick Start Guides

If you have any questions or need any help whatsoever, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Unified Helpdesk: Contact Support.

Now let’s talk about the foundation of the toolkit! That’s the Phoenix theme.

The Phoenix is a Full-Site editing theme created by our agency Unified Web Design to build WordPress sites for our clients. Why should we keep this to ourselves? Our goal is to help other freelancers and agencies build awesome FSE sites for their clients as well!

Here’s how to get started with the theme.


What of the great things about our theme is when you install it, you’ll be welcomed by some sample content and a built front-page. So you can get a head start, get a feel for the layouts and go right into adding your own blocks and styles.

We don’t expect you’ll use what we have for sample content. Just delete what you don’t need.

And of course, install our Unified Blocks themes for some great content sections we’ve developed in-house.

Log in to your members area and download the “Unified Captures” plugin. Then log in to your WordPress Admin and find your way to the plugins page.

Installing the Phoenix Theme

Log in to your members dashboard and download the “Phoenix” theme. Then log in to your WordPress Admin and find your way to the Themes admin.

  1. Appearance > Themes
  2. Click Add New button
  3. ClickUpload Theme button
  4. ClickChoose File button

Choose your your file and Click Install Now.

Activate the Phoenix Theme

When you have it installed, you’ll want to activate it.

You should be taken here… paste the key you are provided in your members dashboard and press the activate license button.

But if you get lost, you’ll see the link to activate in the admin here:

You will then see this message:

Go ahead and look for that activation email and follow those instructions.

Phoenix theme help is always only a few clicks away in the admin:

Check Out Your New Theme!!

Just navigate to your home page and you’ll see the theme you see to the right.

Phoenix theme with dummy content

Dig In!

Everything you see there are blocks! You can begin editing your site by click the ‘Edit Site’ link on the top admin bar.

Start Editing Your Site

Maybe you start by adding your logo and menu? There are blocks pre-installed and ready to go for you.

The logo:

The Navigation:

From there the skies the limit.

Some more ideas:

  • Install othe Unified Plugins you got with the Unified Toolkit (in your dashboard).
  • Install your favorite third party Block plugins
  • Install all your essential plugins – SEO, Security, Forms, GDPR and others.
  • Build out your content, add images and prepare your site to release to the world!

More Learning & Tutorials

Here are some more resources to help you learn more about using blocks in WordPress!

Good luck and enjoy the Unified Toolkit!!